About Me

I am Kristen Marie Schuerlein.

My mom wants to live to be 93. Not me.

If you ask me, checking out at 80 sounds about right…. I am more interested in the depth than the distance of my life. Plus if she lives to 93 and I live to 80 I’ll only miss her for 12 years. (We’re 25 years apart. Trust me. I did the math.)

Completing this journey at 80 just makes sense to me. It means that right now I am in the middle of the journey…. and I get to craft the next 40 years in a very different way than my first.

Musings From The Midpoint popped into my head in early 2009 while closing several chapters in my life, and beginning some new ones (little did I really know what was to come). I was sitting on my couch listening to native American music, finishing up the new book “Ignore Everybody” by Hugh MacLeod. (The guy is brilliant.) And it clearly made an impression on me at exactly the right time in my life.

It’s the new insights I’ve gained, the teachers I learned from, and the reflections on past paths, that are of interest to me now, here at the Midpoint.

I invite you to check out The Pivot Project, inspired by my fall 2012 move from downtown Seattle to rural New Mexico, while building the business of my dreams. Find it on Facebook here.