The Essence

My friend and business partner, Matthew Ferry, has it right; “You always get the essence.” To be honest when I heard him say it the first time years ago, I didn’t really get it. Actually, I didn’t WANT to get it. No, I wanted what I wanted and I wanted it my way… not the […]


Do we ever end up where we thought we would? Isn’t it interesting how the mind is SO SURE that “this” is how it will work out? And yet time and time again life doesn’t go that way. Case in point; Deciding to leave Seattle and move to Orange County. I went and visited. I […]


Consider that it is insane to continue thinking the same thoughts, and doing the same behaviors that keep you from experiencing what you really want. It is insane to declare you want X and operate in a way that assures you will not attain that. One of my favorites “I am going to take Friday’s […]


How long does it take 4 entrepreneurs to publish a book? Turns out, a year. Announcing the arrival of The Gift. Matthew, Thach, Marc and I have given birth to an elegantly simple book that is dedicated to spreading the Law of Contribution. The law states “Our level of happiness and success in life is […]

Let the past go.

You have no idea how who you are impacts others. Grace the world with your love, and compassion. Forgive others for past trespasses. I, for one, am grateful for those who give me the space to screw up, act stupid, and embarrass myself all while loving me anyway. As people grow, reintroduce yourself and explore […]