Do we ever end up where we thought we would? Isn’t it interesting how the mind is SO SURE that “this” is how it will work out? And yet time and time again life doesn’t go that way. Case in point; Deciding to leave Seattle and move to Orange County. I went and visited. I […]


Consider that it is insane to continue thinking the same thoughts, and doing the same behaviors that keep you from experiencing what you really want. It is insane to declare you want X and operate in a way that assures you will not attain that. One of my favorites “I am going to take Friday’s […]


This morning I decided to go on a rampage of gratitude. Here are just a few things from the last 30 days that I am grateful for… the little place I rented in Laguna sunsets my new laptop my new iPad doing tons of meditation from the beach to Trump Tower the trip to NY […]


Not sure what is means. I just like it. Do you ever feel the need to lighten the load, to purge, and to reduce the shear tonnage of your life? Suddenly, I find myself right in the middle of exactly that. Hard to explain. But I am going with it. Not sure what is means. […]

Grieving A Made Up Future

One of the most delightful things about being human is our ability to imagine, vision and dream. Highly effective people are masterful at determining outcomes, making plans and setting in motion events that produce the desired result. And this is a wonderful skill, until it becomes a predator to ones happiness. Case in point. About […]